Tuesday, November 30, 2010

thanksgiving weekend

i am THANKFUL for so many amazing things in my life!!
this thanksgiving was much lonelier than last years where my whole family was able to be together this year is was just me mum dad nanna and sara.
it was still fun not quite like last year but all i can say is i am very THANKFUL for skype!

nan ended up arriving in my almost exact pattern of shirt that my dress was!
all i can say is good style taste must run in the famiy!

and as always me mum and dad set up all of the decorations around the house!

can it be christmas already?
im so excited!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

all i want for christmas is you

well since my life has absolutely nothing fun to report i decided i would post another craft i did!
not just any craft tho another wreath! i finished just in time for thanksgiving! it is red so i figured it work for thanksgiving and christmas and maybe even valentines!
but i hope you love and get inspired to make one! it was so fun to make!

i bought a giant roll of ribbon and cut 45-50 16" strips

and then just begin tying onto a foam circle using any type of knot you think is cute!

so cute fun and easy! :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy Halloween Wreath!

my conference weekend project!
well this only took me two sessions of conference to make but it was so fun! my sister jessica gave me the idea and we were going to make them together but we couldn't find any time so after searching on the internet for a few hours i finally found one that was an easter wreath here!
so i decided that i would make it but instead for halloween! :)

i took about 6 yards of tulle and cut it in 2 1/2 inch wide and 14 inch long strips!
and just began tying!

you can make the wreath as thick as you want it by just adding more everywhere!
i did mine pretty thick but i like how it looks big and fluffy!

then i added a 2 inch thick orange ribbon!

it is so cute hanging on the door!

i thought about after i finished that it would be so cute to do a red wreath and switch the bow out for the different seasons. an orange bow for thanksgiving and a green bow for christmas and then a white or pink one for valentines <3!
then you can have it for a few seasons!

it was such a fun project for conference weekend!
i was able to sit and watch and just tie!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


well last minute i jumped in the car with my dad and drove the easy 3 hour drive to cedar...

i seriously still have no idea... spare the moment decisions are never good for me i ended up packing WAY too much stuff and ended up driving a very long way!
after going 24 hours in BERTHA me and ange called it we finally arrived in texas.
thank goodness for ipods is all i can say!
texas is very hot and humid but it was a really fun trip which i will NEVER... EVER drive again!
me and my mum drug tamara ange and poor ems everyday along with us a new place everyday!
i can't say its a place i would love to live but i definitely will enjoy visiting! :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


after zero blogging for almost 8 months i came to the conclusion that my blog needed to be updated especially since i am not living 2 minutes away from my brothers and sisters anymore! :(

thank goodness for facebook because i am not good at blogs but i am working on it! :)

hawaii was my LAST minute spring break!

i decided about a week ahead that i would go to hawaii! there were a few people who were renting a house so me and one of my friends decided to jump on a plane and go!

HAWAII was such a fun place definitely a place that i love! i ended up for the whole end of my trip doing my own thing but it was a lot of fun it actually ended up being better that way and i cant wait to go back one day! AFTER i travel the rest of the world! :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

conference weekend!

conference weekend i was finally able to come home!!

i drove down with my jess aaron carson and emery.
it was nice to get out of cedar and have a little bit of a change and enjoy salt lake!
i love it there!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


i am officially not a teenager anymore.
my mum and dad came down to cedar to spend my birthday with me and the rest of the family!
its weird now not being a teenager it doesn't fill too much different but im sure it will start eventually!
my birthday as always is my favorite day all year and i really enjoyed this years! :)